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An afternoon well spent

An afternoon well spent

Ok, so it’s midweek, and there’s not much going on. So let’s step away from the boredom (sorry boss) of work and have a bit of fun.

We love pretty much all sports here at outsidethescrum and we we’re having a chat about which sports would most help you when trying to play rugby.

Cue the inevitable tumble down the rabbit hole and we end up picking our first XV made of stars from other sports.

Here’s what we came up with:

Our Sportsman XV


1.     Eddie Hall 

2.     Mike Tyson

3.     Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

4.     Michael Jordan          

5.     Lebron James

6.     Anthony Joshua

7.     The Rock

8.     Brock Lesnar

9.     Barry Hall

10.  Zlatan Ibrahimović

11.  Linford Christie

12.  Devonta Freeman

13.  Jay Ajayi

14.  Usain Bolt

15.  Ronaldhino

Right, bear with us here for a second.

Leaving aside the monstrous height of the front row, I’m sure we can agree that they would generate some insane power between them.

Next up we’ve basketball heavyweights Jordan and James. Two absolute monsters in their fields, enough said.

Embed from Getty Images

Now, check out that back row. You’ve got The Rock as a mobile, battering ram of a 7. He played some pretty serious college ball and was also pretty close to hitting the big time in the NFL as a linebacker so we know he’s not gonna shy away from a hit. Couple that with the fact that he’s probably now, at 45, in the best shape of his life and we’ve got a serious player.

At 6 you’ve got the slightly nimbler, but certainly no less intimidating Anthony Joshua. I see him in the specialist role, sniping at rucks and using his pure power to win turnover after turnover.

At 8, we’ve got Brock Lesnar, just look at the guy, do we even need any further reason? If you do, well the guy was also once on the Minnesota Vikings squad as a linebacker before being cut. 

As a nippy scrum half I’ve gone for Barry Hall, great off the boot and with an aggressive side to match (might have to tone down the aggression to be fair!)

Completing the halves we’ve got Zlatan. One of the two footballers in the squad, I’ve gone for him based on the simple fact that he is cutch as F**K! Often takes games by the scruff of the neck and has the supreme confidence to lead the line.


NFL Centres

Centre pairing is an all NFL affair. Height might be an issue here but I’m going with them based on pure power-running ability. Ajayi hasn’t had the greatest start to a season this year but the guy can run a line all day!

Wings are nice and simple, it’s all about speed. Olympic runners are the obvious choice here and I’ve gone for two legends, although one a lot more recent than the other. Try not to get hit with gold medals as they run past.

Finally we’ve got Ronaldhino at 15. The jinky Brazilian is the perfect man for a bit of flair at the back 3. Although, we might get him on a programme with The Rock before he actually takes the field.

Tell us what you think

Well that’s it. An hour well spent on a Wednesday.

Think you can do better? Let us know.

We’re always looking for an outside opinion.



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