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Things we love ...

Things we love ...


So we watch, read, and listen to a lot of different things here at Outside the Scrum.

Blogs, podcasts and YouTube take up more time than we're willing to admit.

There’s some great stuff out there that’s well worth getting stuck into. Here’s our favourites.

Stuff we read:

1.     Harpin’ on Rugby

Being Irish, and predominately Leinster fans, this is an obvious one. Harpin’ on Rugby is a Leinster and Irish focused supporters’ blog. It’s a lot of Irish based stuff but offers round ups on everything from Premiership to European rugby.

Their daily Front 5 is also a great way to catch upon what’s happening in the wider rugby world. Well worth a look.


2.     Total Flanker

Well, if you’ve ever read this blog you’ll know what it’s about. If you haven’t then then this eloquent “mission statement” should sum it up nicely:

"Total Flanker is about opinion, i.e. my utterly biased, often unfair and mostly uninteresting rugby opinion. If you don't agree with it, great - I am more than happy for you to say so."

Who would want it any other way?

It’s been around a while and does offer some great insight into the game. Expect ramblings on stuff that’s gone out of fashion or basically stuff that should annoy any rugby fan.

The “Whatever happened to….” section is a personal favourite:


3.     Rugby Onslaught

Gotta say, another killer description for this one: “Because being ill informed shouldn't stop you writing about rugby”.

You’ll get plenty of writing here but I generally check out Onslaught for videos.

World class try from the weekend? They’ll have it.

Some winger getting absolutely smashed by a rampaging prop? They’ll have it.

I mean, who can resist that?


4.     r/rugbyunion

Basically everything. I’ve spent many a day lost in the weird subreddits that lurk deep down in Reddit. The rugby union one is no different. Like Reddit in general it’s a mix of everything. All teams, nationalities, opinions and much more. Pretty good for breaking news and rugby memes. A solid mix.


Bonus off topic: Football 365

If you occasionally stray to the world of roundball you can’t really go wrong with F365. Renowned for actually doing some reporting as opposed to the current world of journalistic clickbait, F365 have some great daily features that I never miss.


Stuff we listen to:

1.     Eggchasers Podcast

Three mates chatting about anything that crops up in the week. Very knowledgeable and pretty likable guys. Well worth a regular listen. Given the time of year, the recent one on the Autumn International squads is a good place to get stuck in.


2.     Left Wing Podcast

Huge fans of Luke Fitzgerald here so this was always going to go down well. Earns big points for arguing with Paul Kimmage but similarly loses points for giving any air time to the vile Neil Francis. Will always give it a listen in and around big Leinster and Irish games.


3.      Rugby Muscle Podcast

Same TJ as in the YouTube section below. Really focused on fitness but from a rugby perspective. Expect solid advice on training schemes and season prep. TJ and Alex make for an enjoyable listen.


Bonus off topic: The Last Podcast on the Left

Not for the easily offended or squeamish. LPOTL is 3 pretty brash American guys screaming about all things murder, true crime and everything in between. It’s hilarious, I always listen when I’m writing stuff so if you ever think a post is getting pretty aggressive, that’s probably why! The series on JonBenet Ramsey is a great place to start.

Stuff we watch:

1.     Brian Mujati

Brian Mujati’s Life of Brian series is a great watch. It’s been going a few years now and follows the life and career of its namesake, Brian Mujati. Follows him from his years at Racing 92 to his current stint with the Ospreys. Highly recommend watching from the start but you can just as easily jump right in. Expect plenty of talk about beer, food, and rugby. In that order. And drones, be ready for plenty of drone shots. If watching from the start it’s great to see Brian developing his videoing and editing skills. 

2.     TJ Strength

TJ is an ex international player who runs a YouTube channel dedicated to fitness and rugby. He also chats on the Rugby Muscle Podcast mentioned above. His channel and various social media accounts tend to be more fitness and diet focused but he’ll generally link it back to rugby in some way.  

Bonus off topic: Rob Lipsett

Rob is the poster boy for fitness in Ireland these days. Seriously, dude is everywhere. This one is a lot more lifestyle and fitness focused but it’s well edited and put together. If you’re looking to get your diet in check for the season check it out. Expect plenty of eating challenges and travel.

Well that's it.

Some of our favourite stuff to watch, read and listen to. 

Do you visit any of these? Let us know in the comments.

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